Cardano Togo pool

Single pool operator: TICKER 1PGO

Togo pool is offering:

  • Solid infrastructure and IT expertise for max return on your staking.

  • Low margin fee: 1% forever.

  • Minimum flat fee: 340 ADA (current minimum imposed by the protocol)

  • Cardano passion and long term commitment

A few words on staking:

  • You keep the control of your staked funds. They are not transferred to anybody, neither locked, and stay in your wallet.

  • Staking is more like an association between your wallet and a pool. You do not risk your ADA by staking it.

  • This association can be easily moved to another pool every epoch (5 days).

  • It takes 3-4 epochs for your first rewards to show up. This is the same for all pools .

  • After the initial 3-4 epochs, you will receive your rewards every epoch (5 days) .

  • Your rewards are automatically added to your wallet and staked as well.

  • You can add more ADAs to your wallet and they will automatically be staked.

  • Rewards amount will fluctuate from epoch to epoch, defined by the protocol. It’s the same for all pools .

  • Staking makes a return around 5% per year, defined by the protocol.

  • The pool 1% fee is a fee on the total reward, not 1% off your 5%: If you stake 1000 ADA, you will get around 50 Ada reward for a year and our 1% fee will be 0.5 ADA.

  • Cardano implemented a minimum pool cost of 340 ADA. This amount is subtracted from the total pool rewards, and then the rewards are divided between the delegators. It's the same for all pools.

  • Once a pool is fully saturated, you can still delegate to it, but it will not earn more rewards for it. The rewards will simply be shared between more delegators, hence giving you less rewards. Always delegate to the a pool with the low saturation.

  • If you leave your ADAs on an exchange, they will stake it on their pools and receive the reward.

  • By staking you help the network and community to grow.

How do you stake :

In order to stake your ADA, you first need a wallet. The official wallets are Daedalus and Yoroi.

Daedalus is the most secure of the two, and it’s a full node wallet directly connected to the network. It will downloads the whole chain, and validates every block. It can take time to get it synchronized and you need a pc.

Yoroi is available as a browser plugin, and as a mobile app. It’s a light wallet, which means it relies on a third-party to validate the chain.

Once you have Daedalus or Yoroi installed, you need to create your wallet. You will be guided through this inside the program. Remember to write down your 24 recovery words and keep them safe! If you’re using Daedalus, it will now download and verify the blockchain (can take between a few hours and a few days depending on your computer).

You should now send all your ADA to your wallet. You should look for the receiving addresses associated with your wallet, and simply select one of them. When your ADA is transferred, click on the Delegation Center button.

Search for our pool with sticker 1PGO and 'delegate to this pool', that's it.

Your reward is displayed by deadalus and added automatically to your wallet.

The payment schedule is the same for all pools on Cardano, as the payment of rewards is handled 100% by the protocol it self. Pool operators have zero influence on the payments – we simply make the blocks, and the protocol does the rest.

Our infrastructure :

  • Our nodes are hosted in northern Europe on Cloud infrastructure for ultra high availability and scalability.

  • Each nodes is Dual core 8GB RAM, as per Cardano current recommendations. Ready to scale if needed.

  • Our current architecture is based on 1 main producer node and 2 relay nodes for redundancy.

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting to not miss any block.

  • We are a team of 2 IT professionals dedicating their free time to their passion: Cardano (contact us on

Our current objective :


The plan today with this low margin pool (1%) is to contribute to the ecosystem while covering our operational costs.

We want the pool to be a solid part of the system and follow its evolution.

Grow a community, have a discussion channel with you, make some news or educational content.

Our future objective :

The plan for tomorrow is to open a second high yield pool (maybe margin 5%) and use the earnings to finance the following project close to our heart: Getting more involve into helping unfortunate children with the association

We believe education is key and that we can do some great for their future.

Hopefully some stakeholders from the low margin pool will be happy to join us on that project by moving to the new pool.